Daisuke and his bike Daisuke sends reports by e-mails to a number of people. Even though Daisuke doesn't send mail like clockwork, the complete collection tells a great tale of a bicyclist who travels alone but is never lonely.

The lucky ones on the list read his story as it develops while he is travelling.

I (Adriaan) had collected quite a few since October 1999. With the help of Daisuke, I have added pictures and edited some of them for legibility. (Daisuke's native language is Japanese.)

The older parts of the story are from the original Japanese-only website. I have interpreted Daisuke's verbal translation like a ghostwriter.

This is the spot where I will keep collecting Daisuke's e-mailed reports for everyone.

The travelogue starts here.

Or, just skip ahead to:
01. North-America
02. South-America
03. Europe
04. Africa
05. South-East Asia
06. Oceania
07. South-America (2nd time)
08. North-America (2nd time)
09. Europe (2nd time)
10. Asia

An overview of places that Daisuke has visited:

Place Date Distance Title
Osaka, Japan July 23 0 Start
Anchorage, Alaska, USA July 23 10 First steps on my journey
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA August 6 891 Dogsled racer
Whitehorse, Canada Cycling with Taiwanese girl on the Alaska highway
Sorrento, Canada September 26 4725 At the fireplace
Vancouver, Canada Taiwanese family invited me to stay at their home
San Francisco, USA Homeless man gave me food
Arizona, USA November 9 8842 Sand storm
Monterrey, Mexico The first time newspaper interview
Mexico City, Mexico December 19 11464 Policemen in Mexico
Place Date Distance Title
Mexico City, Mexico January 01 The first New Years day with Japanese friend
Veracruz, Mexico January 09 11900 Mexican life
Campeche, Mexico January 26 12900 Sultry Yucatan peninsula
Cancun, Mexico February 07 13400 Beautiful Caribbean beach
Belize City, Belize February 14 14055 Belize City
Tikal, Guatemala February 19 14291 Ruins of Tikal
Antigua, Guatemala March 02 14800 Earthquake
San Salvador, El Salvador March 18 15084 Japan International Cooperation in El Salvador
Honduras March 24 15360 Loud children
Managua, Nicaragua March 31 15743 Easter holiday
La Cruz, Costa Rica April 4 15973 My first robbery
San Jose, Costa Rica April 12 16300 American influenced country
Bribri, Costa Rica April 20 16547 Bribri
Panama City, Panama April 28 16902 City of contrasts
Cali, Columbia May 5 16952 Japanese immigrants in Columbia
Popayan, Columbia May 13 17031 Up and down the Andes
Quito, Ecuador May 19 17336 The hard way to Quito
Quito, Ecuador May 20 11.670MHz My first radio interview
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 17805 One day on the islands
Lima, Peru 18167 Japanese in Peru
Stockholm, Sweden June 18 Start cycling in Europe
Sundsvall, Sweden June 24 18700 Clean country
Haparanda, Sweden 19464 Homesick for South America
Rovaniemi, Finland July 06 19600 Rainy Finland
Nordcapp, Norway July 15 20400 My northen most place
Oslo, Norway Very expensive city
Iceland July 25 22000 Around Iceland
Faroe Islands, Denmark August 01 Here is Denmark
Shetland, U.K. August 05 22100 Beautiful Island
Inverness, U.K. Scottish cyclists invited me to stay
Belfast, U.K. After civil war
Dublin, Irland Irish beer
Bristol, U.K. I saw a suicide from bridge
Mont Saint Michel, France Unesco World heritage place
Paris, France Camping without money
Bruxelles, Belgium No Belgian in Brussels
Luxemburg Small country
Lierneux, Belgium October 8 25600 Belgian motorcyclist
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Bicycle country
Hamburg, Germany October 27 26300 One day of my life
Berlin, Germany November 09 26600 10th aniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
Zgorzelec, Poland 3 days in Poland
Liberec, Czech Republic November 23 27200 Good impression of the Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic November 28 27300 Greetings from Prague
Salzburg, Austria City of Betoben
Goppingen, Germany December 25 27800 Merry Christmas
Paris, France December 31 Millennium party with CCI French cyclists
Place Date Distance Title
Paris, France January 1 The second new years day with CCI French cyclists
Paris, France January 2 The first time I met Mr. Heinz Stucke
Konstanz, Germany January 13 28200 European people
Konstanz, Germany January 17 Medical problem
Luzern, Switzerland January 24 28400 Winter cycling
Paris, France January 30 CCI Festival (Photo presentations by cyclists)
Avignon, France February 16 28790 Beginning of Spring
Barcelona, Spain February 28 29200 My European memory
Lisboa, Portugal April 10 31000 Before Africa
Madrid, Spain May 18 Greetings from Madrid
Madrid, Spain July 29 3 month in Madrid
Granada, Spain August 21 Cross Sierra Nevada mountains
Rabat, Morocco September 01 32400 Beginning of Africa
Marrakech, Morocco September 15 32700 Touristic town
Nouakchott, Mauritania September 29 32800 Djiby
Dakar, Senegal October 28 33500 Around the World Swiss Cyclist
Bamako, Mali November 25 34900 On the road Western Africa
Place Date Distance Title
Cape Coast, Ghana January 01 The third new years day at Atlantic ocean
Accra, Ghana January 05 38100 A Happy New Century !!!
Accra, Ghana January 16 38200 Friendly people
Lome, Togo January 27 38500 Swiss runner
Cotonou, Benin Wedding of Benin / German couple
Lagos, Nigeria February 23 39000 Big city in Western Africa
Douala, Cameroon March 15 39100 Nigeria and Cameroon
Equatorial Guinea Bad police, bad military
Libreville, Gabon March 30 39371 Across Equatorial Guinea and Gabon by bicycle
Nairobi, Kenya April 28 39400 Malaria
Nairobi, Kenya May 02 Dangerous City
Nairobi, Kenya May 15 Japanese tourists
Mt. Killimanjaro, Tanzania May 30 Climb up Mt. Killimanjaro (5895 m)
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania June 09 Quiz
Lilongwe, Malawi June 12 40500 I have been around the world!
Tete, Mozanbique Seven Spanish cyclists
Zimbabwe June 21 Astronomical show: total eclipse
Harare, Zimbabwe June 29 White people
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe July 16 42700 Policemen in Zimbabwe
Livingstone, Zambia HIV people
Botswana Expensive country
Windhoek, Namibia August 09 44600 My first accident
Cape Agulhas, South Africa September 13 47765 Southern point of Africa
Bangkok, Thailand November 02 47765 Change the global climate
Phnom Penh, Cambodia November 17 48300 Friendly Cambodian
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Tropical land
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Climb Mt. Kinabalu (4095 m)
Sydney, Australia December 14 Eastern Australia
Melbourne, Australia December 27 51100 My impression of Australia
Place Date Distance Title
South island, New Zealand January 01 The forth New Years day on the road
Auckland, New Zealand January 16 Sir Edmund Hillary
Santiago, Chile January 25 53400 With Mr. Heinz Stucke in Easter Island
Ushuaia, Argentina February 17 My southern most point
Puerto Natales, Chile March 10 54761 Tierra del Fuego (Fire island)
Castro (Chiloe island), Chile May 1 57082 Stop in Chiloe island
Bariloche, Argentina September 9 Mountains and Lakes
Mendoza, Argentina December 14 59200 Mt. Aconcagua
Place Date Distance Title
Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina January 01 Arrived at the top of Mt. Aconcagua (6962 m)
Mendoza, Argentina January 06 59200 Climbed Mt. Aconcagua
Buenos Aires, Argentina May 15 Model Argentina
Montevideo Uruguay June 17 SAPOBIKE
Montevideo Uruguay Surviver Fernando Parrado (Alive)
Uruguaiana, Brasil October 01 63335 My new friend
Gravatai,Brasil November 11 64234 Brasilean cyclists in Porto Alegre
Florianopolis, Brasil November 25 64983 Beautiful beach
Joinville, Brasil Polish family
Place Date Distance Title
Sao Francisco do sur, Brasil January 01 The sixth new years day at Brasilean beach with Wasilewski family
Sao Paulo, Brasil January 16 66300 Brasilean friends
Santos, Brasil Met Pele
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil February 27 67300 Beautiful city
Asuncion, Paraguay March 31 Greetings from Paraguay
Salta, Argentina May 4 72271 Climbed Mt. Acay (5950m)
Antofagasta, Chile July 17 Northern Argentina and Chile
Pazna, Bolivia August 6 Receive Diplome of Honour
Cuzco, Peru September 3 75441 Sad news
Puno, Peru September 01 An honoured guest
Volcano Misti, Peru September 15 Climbed Volcan Misti (5825m)
Cajamarca, Peru October 25 Receive Diplome of Honor
Quito, Ecuador October 31 77056
Iquitos, Peru November 24 77296 Amazon jungle
Leticia, Colombia November 25 77296 Columbian Amazon
Manaus, Brasil December 02 77316 Brasilean Amazon
Belem,Brasil December 13 77403 My credit card was stolen
Place Date Distance Title
Kourou, French Guiana January 1 78470 The 7th new years day celabration with French runner
Paramaribo, Suriname Duch speaking country in South America
Georgetown, Guyana English speaking country in South America
Boa Vista, Brasil Portuguese speaking country in South America
Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela February 11 80478 Two times around the earth: 80150 km
Caracas,Venezuela March 31 81320 The last day in South America
Miami, Florida, USA April 7 81357 Chasing a dream for world peace on bicycle
Warner Robins, Georgia, USA April 22 82958 Met Jimmy Carter
Washington D.C., USA June 15 84313 The third time Jim from Taiwan came to see me
Pte-R.-St-François, Canada July 4 85900 Eastern USA
Pte-R.-St-François, Canada July 12 85900 I decided to go to Europe again
Paris, France July 20 Le Tour du France
Paris, France July 27 Saint Nathalie's Day
Mt. Blanc, France/Italy August 8 Arrived top of Mt. Blanc with Svevo
Bern, Switzerland August 18 87504 European friends
Basel, Switzerland October 3 88450 Great friend
Liechtenstein I stayed only 4 hours
Fussen Beautiful castle
Munchen German beer, prost!!
Place Date Distance Title
Basel, Switzerland January 01 The 8th New Years day with family Kunz
Basel, Switzerland February 17 My longest stop is Basel city
Basel, Switzerland March 6 Carnaval in Basel
Basel, Switzerland March 26 Goodbye Basel
Paris, France Met Mr. Heinz Stucke again
Ligniel de Touraine, France April 16 90505 My first DVD presentation in Mardié
Andorra May 01 91474 Busy road
Denia, Spain May 06 91966 Russian maffia
Madrid, Spain May 29 92835 Air pollution, crazy drivers
Bordeaux, France June 9 93641 Hurry up to see my friend
Bern, Switzerland June 30 94594 Nice to see you again!
Chiavenna, Italy July 13 94893 Shower
Munchen, Germany July 18 95362 Hot and humid in Munich
Dusseldorf, Germany July 24 95452 My friend for 16 years
Bonn, Germany July 27 95552 Friends forever
Lierneux, Belgium July 28 95603 I met Adriaan again
Gestraz, Germany August 3 95746 Great Bike Mechanic man
Wien, Austria August 15 96445 Camping in the park
Bruno, Czech August 17 96659 Free apples and plums on the road!
Bratislava, Slovakia August 20 96843 Donau river cycling road
Budapest, Hungary August 23 97114 Crazy trafic road
Warszawa, Poland September 05 98066 My lucky day
Brest, Belarus September 11 98565 Former Soviet Union country
Gdansk, Poland September 21 99294 Polish impressions
Gdansk, Poland September 24 99491 More Polish impressions
Vilnius, Lithuania October 02 100000 74th country
Vilnius, Lithuania October 04 100000 My presentation at kindergarden, school and university
Riga, Latvia October 13 100382 Cold country
Tallinn, Estonia October 17 100804 Rainy Estonia
Helsinki, Finland October 18 100850 Servas friends
St. Petersburg October 26 101335 Hospitality Club friend
Novgord, Russia October 28 101543 First snow in this winter
Moscow, Russia October 31 101552 No friends
Krolevets, Ukraine November 04 102255 Camping at -12°C
Chisinau, Moldova November 09 102382 A mail from Ines
Chisinau, Moldova November 11 Receive Diplome of Honor from mayor of Chisinau city
Hincesti, Moldova November 11 Receive Diplome of Honor from mayor of Hincesti city
Bucharest, Romania November 16 102779 Gypsies attacked me
Bucharest, Romania November 17 102801 Greetings from Romania
Bucharest, Romania November 20 102801 GreenPeace invited me to stay in their office
Vidin, Bulgaria November 24 103144 Only 31 km
Belgrade, Serbia November 30 103524 A press conference
Kruskik, Bosnia December 04 103878 10 years after civil war
Zagleb, Croatia December 06 104030 Independent from Serbia
Ljubljana, Slovenia December 10 104200 Cyclists in Slovenia
Venezia, Italy December 16 104632 Warm Shower List's friend
Basel, Switzerland December 25 105232 The second Christmas in Basel
Place Date Distance Title
Basel, Switzerland January 01 105245 Greetings from Basel
Paris, France January 20 My presentation at CCI Festival
Lierneux, Belgium February 02 Building a website
Basel, Switzerland February 26 Carnival in Basel starts
Burgos, Spain March 19 105,914 Hola amigos, como estas? Aqui estoy España!
Pontevedra, Spain March 28 106,833 Camino de Santiago & End of the world
San Raphael, France May 4 110,072 Back in France
Kairouan, Tunisia May 22 111,050 Greetings from Tunisia
Tunis, Tunisia May 27 111,293 The trouble in Tunisia
Valletta, Malta May 28 111,293
Genova, Italy May 30 111,293
Pisa, Italy June 1
Firenze, Italy June 2
Siena, Italy June 4
Roma, Italy June 7
Vatican City, The Vatican June 7 112,000
Perugia, Italy June 11
San Marino June 13 112,390
Ancona, Italy June 14 112,576
Podgorica, Montenegro June 25 113,330 The long days of cycling
Pristina, Kosovo July 1 113,879 Albanian people
Santorini Island, Greece July 17 115,295 Holiday tourists and travelers - what's the difference?
Hendek (Sakarya), Turkey August 24 116,716 Drink tea!