Adriaan van Nijendaal

Adriaan, just home from AqabaI met Daisuke while he was searching for a place to sleep. I offered him my guest room, even though we were about 30 kilometers from my home. "We'll put your bicycle in the car", I said. Daisuke looked at me as if I had made an indencent proposal... I knew that bicylist-travellers have to be determined, but refusing a ride after a day with about 100 kilometers of travel...

I was lucky enough to be put on one of his e-mail lists afterwards. I knew he had a site but most of it was not legible (to me). The e-mails kept piling up and the story began to evolve. Unfortunately, the Japanese website was not updated anymore after about 2004. When Daisuke re-visited our house in 2006, I offered him a domain and a website. The domain was easy, the website was a little more time consuming.

We worked together for about two weeks in February of 2007 to make the initial site - it now offers a pretty good chronological overview of Daisuke's quest. I hope the site will prove to be useful: for journalists looking for background, for travellers looking for inspiration, for ... everyone. And himself - it's the written record of his travel life.

I am a traveller myself. Started on a motorcycle, off to the East. Ended up East, eventually. I met many interesting people, I learnt how to ask for help (something I wasn't used to doing), I learnt to really ride well, I ate interesting food, I was arrested, I was in despair over the constantly broken bike. By the time I arrived in Australia, I had changed forever.

One of my lessons was that people need help sometimes. One should help if possible was demonstrated by people in far-away countries who also showed me how to share. The help received from all over the world while building and translating this site shows me that Daisuke's wish to unite the world may seem far-fetched, but it is working!