Daisuke Nakanishi

World-travelling bicylist

World map with route drawn

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Daisuke Nakanishi of Osaka, Japan is a traveler in search of new friends and world peace. He worked and saved his money for six years and then he started to ride from Anchorage, Alaska on July 23, 1998. Daisuke has since travelled more than 100,000 kilometers (or 65,000 miles) using nothing but his own power. Daisuke has visited almost 100 countries on all continents, all on the same bicycle. He tries to visit 120 countries before he goes back to Japan. Daisuke received prizes of honorary citizenship in several cities. He met ex-presidents several times and he has many great friends all over the world. He is a member of Japan Adventure Cyclists Club (JACC).

English version transscripted by: Adriaan van Nijendaal.