Daisuke hates to ask for things. Daisuke does accept all gifts thankfully. That's why I, the webmaster, wrote this page.

Travel is, to normal people at least, an expensive undertaking. It's a miracle that he's lasted 8 years on US$ 50,000.00. Daisuke has turned low-budget travel into an art (and a way of life).

But sometimes he needs real cash: to pay for visa (US$ 120.00 to just go to Russia would pay for many travelling days), to buy spare parts or to replace broken equipment.

Anyone can contribute: host him for one or more nights, refer him to your friends who live along his route, send parts or supplies to his current postal address, and ... send money!


European banktransfer
Obviously, Daisuke does not have a bank account, but I do. You could transfer any donations to my account: IBAN: BE19 2480 0854 3912, BIC: GEBABEBB (for my name and address: see below).
American checks
Make the check out to me and mail it (for my name and address: see below).
American transfers
My account is with Bank of America, PO Box 37176, San Fransisco, CA 94137-0001, USA; the number is 06700-15489.
All others: PayPal
You can donate to Daisuke by using PayPal. Transfer to "".

Periodically, I will transfer any gifts to Daisuke's account. Note: we haven't figured out how to convert PayPal funds into real money, and that's why we prefer the other means.

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